Kareena Kapoor’s hot Photoshoot for Vogue India

By Rida January 9, 2018 19:12

Kareena Kapoor Khan Shows off her Flawless Body for Vogue India

Kareena Kapoor Khan, is known for three reasons; a Bollywood Diva, wife of Pataudi Nawab Saif Ali Khan and a mother to Taimoor Ali Khan who is only one year old but is more famous than you and me.

She is confident, beautiful and has good manners as expected by a member of an elite family like the Kapoors. And she is hard working too. During her pregnancy, she could take a leave from her busy schedule, but she did not. She chose to work showing appearances with her baby bump at ramps, fashion shows and showcasing the best pregnancy outfits anyone can imagine.

kareena kapoor shows off her body for Vogur India

And now she has stunned us by doing a bold and beautiful shoot for Vogue India, looking seemingly hot and trying to prove her hard work to lose that baby fat.


Kareena had been following a strict regimen to come back to her original size after she gave birth to Taimur Ali Khan which is almost impossible, and we know that achieving back the zero size is not a simple cup of tea, but Kareena did it to a much extent.

Whatever Kareena wears, whether be it a desi saree, a western outfit or a bikini, she looks awesome as she knows how to carry herself with grace.

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By Rida January 9, 2018 19:12