Mahira Khan’s Badass Reply Shut’s up Trump’s Supporter

By Rida January 10, 2018 02:19

Mahira Khan’s reply shuts up the American Supporter who hates Pakistan

Mahira Khan is one of the Pakistani Divas who remain in the news and gossips all the time but surely for the good reasons. Except the one when she was spotted in her private meeting with Ranbir Kapoor during their New York visit. But in that controversy too, she did not make a bad impression of herself. First of all, people got annoyed due to her small dress, her smoking gesture and the most important fact, she was hanging out in this avatar with an Indian. Still, Mahira stood up for herself and shut the mouth of all, by saying it is her life and she will not live it according to others.


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Mahira Khan is a symbol of courage, simplicity and grace all bundled together.

Vot vey?

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If you use twitter or you are aware of the current political situation, you must have gone through the recent tweet by President Donald Trump who wished new year by attacking Pakistan.

This increased the hate for Donald Trump that already exists among the Pakistanis.

But this tweet by a someone who is a Trump supporter although he is a muslim, made Mahira angry.

She replied,

Hats off to Mahira for such a reply, she literally shut the man up with very few words.

she also wished Happy New Year with a swag!!

Mahira’s reply was so instant and spontaneous that it surprised her of her wittiness. Although Pakistan is facing some problems, that does not mean we have no integrity and honor. It is a good sign that the Pakistani army and Government of Pakistan has responded boldly to this tweet of Trump and said Pakistan has done quite a lot for America and now we will do no more!

Stay Tuned.



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By Rida January 10, 2018 02:19