Noor Explains in Detail Her Reason leading her towards Hijaab

By Rida November 13, 2017 22:39

Noor has a Solid Reason to turn to Islam

Noor Bukhari has been in the gossips for quite a few months. From her movie, Ishq Positive with her husband Wali Khan, to the divorce among the two, Noor had been highlighted in the news quite a few times by now.

And now Noor has adopted Hijaab for good.

She posted several photos on social media claiming that she has adopted hijaab and will practice it for the rest of her life.






What brought Noor to confront such a big change was the most important question building up in several minds.

Noor herself answered this question during an interview with Ek Nayee Subha With Farah that as she has been divorced from her fourth husband, she has suffered a lot in life and will now follow hijaab and will not star in movies or dramas ever. She said that this divorce was a major setback in her life and has made herself close to Allah. She has always been inclined towards religion but her only source of income was showbiz. She wanted a person who can take her responsibility so that she can leave showbiz every time her choice for marriage proved to be wrong. After divorcing from Wali, she was so much bullied that she wanted to commit suicide. But her religious teacher guided her to the right path.

You can watch the interview here.

Noor Bukhari Kyun Change huyin ?

Noor Bukhari Kyun Change huyin ? #aplus #morning #enswithfarah

Posted by Ek Nayee Subha With Farah on Saturday, November 11, 2017

Noor is not alone who follows the path of religion. Previously, Urooj Nasir, the famous actress, model, and host started wearing hijaab. Sara Khan and Sataesh Khan left the showbiz for good and follow strict hijaab.

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By Rida November 13, 2017 22:39